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10 May 2016

What is Marketing Organisation ?


              The set of relationships amongst marketing ersonnel may be reffered to as Marketing Organization

     Structure and grouping of their activitis under the leadership of a marketing manager may be termed as marketing department. The success of marketing strategy to a large extent is linked to marketing organisation. Basically, the structure of a marketing organisation will have direct relationship to the marketing orjectives to be performed and the marketing tasks to be achieved. As a variety of marketing tasks have to performed for realising the marketing objectives, the tasks have to be grouped appropriately and allocated to different departments and the functional relationship among them clearly stated. When this is done, the basic structure of the marketing organisation wil emerge.


     The main objectives of any marketing is attaining targeted sales and profits and also achieving greater customer satisfaction. There are many other objectives which a marketing team may required to achieve. The Other Objectives are as follows;;-
  • To achieve organisational coordination in a predetermined manner of all functions in terms of time and content.
  • To ensure functional performance effectiely, in a specified time period with the company's policies and objectives.
  • To optimise use of managerial time and effort thereby allowing them to concentrate essential tasks and key results areas.
  • To promote new strategies and new innovative development work in order to achieve better competitive advantage.
  • To ensure clearly defined organisational relationship among sales team members sothat there may be smooth functioning of the group.

Functional Structure of an Organization ::

          Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

Finance Manager ,             Marketing Manager,      Production Manager,     Personnel Manager.

Marketing Research Manager,                                                    Production Planning Manager.

Sales Manager,     Advertising Manager,    Sales Promotion manager.

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